Instruction of connection whatsapp into Bitrix24

Params of connection

Request instance for connect into Bitrix24  and after:

Choose instance for settings.

Field "Phone" use for show on the our website.

Choose item "Open channel" and click button "Save" for join instance into selected "Open channel".

Open Channel Settings.

After click button "save" then show QR code.

Настройки подключения WhatsApp и Битрикс24

scaning QR code

Scaning QR code in WEB WhatsApp menu of mobile app you phone. 

Attention: watch message about "you don't scaning QR code". If you watch message "you don't scaning QR code" then click "exit your devices" and try again .

What is required for stable CRM WhatsApp?

For normal operation, you need a constantly turned on mobile phone with the WhatsApp application running.

For proper operation, it is important to observe the following conditions:

  • The application WhatsApp started on your device (did not go into power saving mode, did not fall asleep), is connected to the Internet and has good battery power.
  • Do not use Whatsapp Web in another browser!

If any of these conditions are violated, messages will stop coming to your CRM and will not be sent.

What to do so that the phone does not fall asleep and WhatsApp always works in CRM?

Old generation android: Settings → Screen → Sleep mode → Do not include.

Next generation android:

  • Settings → Battery and Performance → Power → Energy Savings → Turn off «Limit Background Activity»;
  • Settings → All Applications → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Activity Monitoring → Select «No Restrictions»;
  • Settings → All Applications → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Other Permissions → Check the «Start in Background» feature

iPhone, iOS: by default, all installed applications can update content in the background and do not have the «fill in» property. In the settings, you can check and disable some applications.

Settings → Basic → Content Update → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → click the slider to make it green.

XIAOMI configuration example

iPhone 5s сonfiguration example

Make sure your phone doesn't go to sleep!

After a long time of inactivity of the phone on which the working WhatsApp is installed (at least 4 hours), send a test message from another (personal) whatsapp number to the working one, if the configuration is successful, then the message will be delivered immediately, there will be two ticks. If the phone goes to sleep, the check mark will be one, as in the figure. Repeat carefully all the steps to set up your phone from the instruction.

test sending message


Как написать клиенту в WhatsApp

Go to CRM Card - Contact, Company, Deal or Lead. Click the ChatsApp24 tab. Next, "Open channel Chat" opens.



Как написать клиенту в WhatsApp
All messages received from customers on the WhatsApp number of the company are displayed in the open line chat window

Open channels


It is important to identify responsible employees who will be able to conduct a dialogue with customers or monitor it. Select how incoming messages will be routed - simultaneously to everyone or in turn.

The "Automatically Create New Lead" option creates a lead when the customer is first contacted. If you disable this option, you can create the lead manually from the chat menu.

In the same way, the options "sales in chat," "quick answers," "quality assessment," "working time," "automatic actions," "bots of open lines," etc. are configured Open Line Settings.

An example of a business process that sends messages according to the list of regular customers. If the client does not have WhatsApp email is sent.

Inbound Parameters

  • Your customer base in CRM. 
  • Start Date and Time. 
  • Message.