instant communication with all customers

business WhatsApp in bitrix24

most popular mesanger today

first write

writing your customers from base CRM
  • Do you have big base of customers? Start first dialog
  • You Just create deal from bitrix24 chat
  • Write all customers for check list
  • Send files (documents, images)

robots and activities

auto action in business process

  • Robot - auto action for send message, but staff don't this work: 
  • * Robot sends files from bitrix24 disk. Automatically  save business cart to photo gallery of your phone
  • * Robot sends CRM documents (invoice, contract, commercial offer, brief)
  • * Robot checks WhatsApp on phone of customer

written communication linked everyone customer

communication just get

  • WhatsApp -   fast messages to customers. Business communication is effects if dialogs linked to customers 
  • Fast get from dialog to information about customer (invoices, contracts, payments and etc) 
  • History communication in carts (contact, company, deal, lead)

groups WhatsApp

dialogs in groups watch video

synchronization bitrix24 and phone

Written from mobile WhatsApp linked into contact CRM


Bulk distribution by contact base via WhatsApp. Start distribution using the CRM marketing segments.

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